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Topic Keeping fit (Топик Поддерживаем форму)

Topic Keeping fit (Топик Поддерживаем форму)

 Topic «Keeping fit» (Топик на английском языке «Поддерживаем форму»)

Fitness, sport and pastimes are things connected with one another. When we do sports we spend time in the most pleasant way for ourselves, besides doing sport benefits our health and fitness.
The easiest way to reach and keep fitness is through sport. Simple regular exercises do a lot to the shape and stamina our body was designed for. Humans were not built for sitting at the desk half of their life time. Our body was adapted to hunt, jump, lift, run, climb and different other activities. When you don’t let your body to make exercises and activities your body needs then it will degrade. Your head works all the time but your body does nothing. The consequences can vary from depression or nervous stress to a heart attack.
The main advantage of regular exercise is that it helps your heart and arteries
work, blood circulate and stay younger. What exercise to take up depends on your
habits, likings, encouragement of your family. You should jog as far as you can or do sit-ups or press-ups as long as you can. If you run two kilometers without being exhausted then you are fit.
If you are a man who is keen on sports then tennis or swimming, basketball or weightlifting will help you not only to develop your stamina but to make friends, to be in good mood, to have fun and get rid of tension. Doing sport will give you moments of joy and pleasure especially if you are able to improve your performance and set a record.
If you are a student (pupil) PE lessons play an important role in your wish to be physically fit. What matters is a number of exercises you get and a sensible method
of organizing active games at the lesson that a teacher practices.
Sport is not the only way to look after yourself. Actually good quality food,
medical check-ups, dieting to keep your weight down, no smoking, no alcohol are important things to take care of your health. Our health depends on the way of life we have. The state of the environment is of particular importance. If one is extremely thin, gets headaches, can’t concentrate, if one’s face is spotty, stomach is upset, it is not because a person doesn’t do sport. Unfortunately, it is chlorine in water, fumes from
cars, tinned or packaged food with chemicals that we are to avoid. If you are allergic
you have to consult a doctor, to have tests to get to know what causes trouble. On the other hand fresh fruit and vegetables, not polluted air are the factors that prevent serious diseases.
Smoking and drinking alcohol can add to the problem. Some people say that smoking or alcohol help them to get on with others, to be one of the crowd. They say it’s a kind of a «pick-me-up». In fact, it is an illusion. Being dependent on them is dangerous. They can affect your brain, thus your memory, ability to work. If you drink, take drugs you are no longer fit.
Being fit is a great thing. If you are fit you have an advantage of getting a more prestigious job, particularly if there is competition to get a job. You are determined to live a long life, to enjoy every moment of it, then do sports, eat good quality food rich in fiber, don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, cut down on fatty, salty and sweet food. Your fitness is in your hands.

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