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Topic Cinema(Топик Кино)

Topic Cinema(Топик Кино)

Topic «Cinema»(Топик на английском языке «Кино»)

There are plenty of kinds of entertainment. But I suppose that the most popular of them is cinematography. In 1995 a century since invention of cinematography was celebrated. More than 120 years ago the Lumiere brothers produced first movie which lasted only for three minutes. This film was presented to society in the year 1895.
It was beginning of very interesting era that lasts to our days and called the era of Cinematographe. It spread fast on the whole planet and rapidly became the most favorite kind of entertainment.
There were even strong debates whether cinematography is kind of art or only an entertainment. Today the cinema recognized as a kind of very popular and important Modern Arts. The cinematography connects pictorial art, literature, theater and music. Because of this a lot of people from various professional areas are occupied in movie making industry: writers, camera men, lighters, designers, make-up artists, sound engineers, composers, actors and producers.
At black and white silent movies time people were found of Charlie character. This character was invented and played by American actor and movie maker Charles Chaplin. His character clumsy, but brave and with kind heart attracted the hearts and souls of people in various social layers of all continents. Often there were long lines to watch a new movie with favorite actor. Next years sound and colors were implemented in movie production.
The cinematography was very important in the Second World War times. The best and bravest cameramen made their documentaries on the fronts to show the courage of worriers. This movies helped soldiers to be brave and strong during the hardness of the war.
There are many genres of films: detectives, science fiction films, comedy films, hor¬rors, love stories, romantic dramas and others. I’m a cinema goer and I will go to the cinema whenever a blockbuster is on. I adore romantic love comedies because these films are exciting, amusing and kind. They give a positive portion of emotions and besides this genre is in girl’s nature. I really enjoy thrillers as they are capable of keeping you in suspense and an intriguing plot will hold you on the edge of your seat right up to the end of the film. I’m not keen on horrors because I can’t stand the sight of blood, violence , abnormal behavior and ugliness. Moreover, I don’t like to be scared. I’m quite indifferent to action films with lots of sparks, things blowing up and silly supermen. It’s unbearable when the hero shoots, bombs, stabs, strangles and none of the enemy fire ever hits him, whereas he never misses. His inexhaustible ammunition clips and the lack of flak jacket seem rather ironical.
The latest film I saw at the cinema was a romantic love comedy «What do women want?» The story centers round a handsome and cheerful man who is an agent of an advertising company. The main character is Mel Gibson who plays opposite Helen Hunt. The gripping plot arouses many humorous situations that make us laugh. The hero is to create an advertisement that will help sell ladies’ goods. He is beginning to hear women’s thoughts and wishes and puts this gift into practice. In the end the hero and the heroine are genuinely in love. I enjoyed the film immensely. I wish I could read people’s thoughts.
There are awards and prizes in the film industry. The best-known are the «Oscar» awards’. They are given in different nominations to choose the best actor, actress, director. The members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences vote for the best both American and Foreign Language Films.

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