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Topic Mass media (Топик Средства массовой информации — СМИ)

Topic Mass media (Топик Средства массовой информации — СМИ)

Topic «Mass media» (Топик на английском языке «Средства массовой информации — СМИ»)

We include the press, radio and television into one notion Mass Media. Mass
Media are the various ways by which information and news are given to large numbers of people. Mass Media have made our world small. Now information gets from one part of the world to another at the speed of light. There are lots of advantages we can mention speaking about Mass Media. A lot of people accept Mass Media as a source of information and entertainment. However not many of us understand that MM are a huge industry that involves work of many people and does everything for us, ordinary readers, listeners and viewers. We are the main target of MM and for us it is to decide how we are going to perceive the information given by them.
Everyday a huge amount of information is given by newspaper articles, TV news and radio. For us it is to choose what’s the truth and what’s not. MM don’t only cover news, they also analyze and explain it. Besides informing MM have one more very important function — to entertain. A wide range of different shows, films and other kinds of programs are created just for our pleasure. We are fed up with various kinds of entertainment. MM add spice to our lives. They make us laugh and cry. Of course, it is common to believe that the role of MM is to inform and entertain us. But I am sure that their goal is to make us happy. So to keep us satisfied they are ready to do anything.
Enormous sums of money are involved into MM. It is a very profitable business. I believe that because of these reasons MM are not always honest. They have an opportunity to wash our brains and they use it. So every time we switch on TV, the radio, or open a newspaper we have to remember not to be naive. Despite all these facts people like MM . Personally, I prefer TV and radio for entertainment and newspapers for information.
Arthur Miller once said that a good newspaper is a nation talking to itself. I am in search of such a newspaper. I suppose that one day I’ll be able to find it. Nowadays I think it is possible to find newspapers for different groups of people. And I like newspapers for that. You always know who writes articles and if you don’t like them you can always take another newspaper. I think that newspapers give us more reasons for thinking and laughing. The only thing that I don’t like about the press is the gutter press. I just have an allergy to bad quality newspapers. I think reading newspapers gives me a wonderful feeling of talking to people, however I never argue with them because it is always possible to put away the paper, if I don’t like it. In addition newspapers give you a quiet time. One can relax reading a paper.
If to speak about TV it is totally different. It is brighter, more glamorous. I think that if to compare MM with people, TV is a very ambitious person. TV wants to posses minds and it does it. One can get addicted to TV, this addiction can’t be cured. For some people it doesn’t matter what to watch, they want just to watch anything. If to talk about me, I don’t think I am an addict to television. I am addicted only to musical programs. I could have MTV on for 24 hours. I also like movies, but I am not a big fan of soap operas and various shows. One more reason why I don’t like TV is that sometimes I see things I don’t want to see. I understand that happens in our country. However, I think it is unforgivable to show scenes full of violence when kids might see them. There are just many reasons why not to like TV. However I find not many of them that can persuade me not to love it.
Of course all of it is just a matter of personal opinion. MM are not bad. They do a lot of good. We just shouldn’t forget that there are lots of personal ambitions involved into this business. I believe that MM have done a lot of good and still are helping people. I think MM are the symbol of our time and soon they are going to make our lives even better by improving and developing.

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