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Topic Money (Топик Деньги)

Topic Money (Топик Деньги)

Topic Money (Топик на английском языке Деньги)

People say: Money makes the world go round and T totally agree. Frankly speaking, it’s impossible to imagine the life of people without usage of money because we should pay almost for everything in our world except for mother’s love, father’s guidance and friend’s support.
In all times money were a medium of exchange. In ancient times when money didn’t exist people used barter to satisfy their need for goods they didn’t have. Later commodity money appeared, like shells, beads, salt, tobacco, animal skins, even dog’s teeth and what not. Gradually our forefathers started to use clearly marked coins, made of precious metals. It was not until about 1000 years ago that the first paper money, which we call banknotes today, was invented in China. Today cash is widely used across the world along with credit cards and electronic money. In fact, each country has its own basic unit of money called currency, whereas the U. S. dollar is quite often regarded as the international means of payment.
What for we use money now? Well, there are three main uses. At first it is a medium of exchange as in ancient times; if you want to buy something you have to pay for it a certain sum of money. In addition to it, money is also used as a unit of account as money determines cost of all goods and services. Owing to money each person can interpret prices, costs, profits and debts; in such a way people have an opportunity to monitor their financial situations, plan their expenses and measure their future profitability. And finally, it’s a well-known fact that money is a store of value, which means that money can be saved for future purchases. Valuables, real estate, stocks and bonds are stores of wealth as well. Certainly it’s better when money works and brings its owner a profit, it’s also possible to put money into a bank account and receive interest from it if one wants to minimize the risk.
There are two different opinions about money. One people think that wealth is the most important thing in a people’s life. Other insists that there are a lot of things which have higher importance then money. Of course everyone have their own arguments.
First of all, measure of welfare can be the meter of people’s brainpower and success. As suggested by the majority only clever and brainy people can be hired on a decent position with high salary. But from other side reach people can also be a swindlers and a cheaters who bosses other persons around and has no dignity at all.
Next, money lets us fulfill our basic needs. You can’t be happy if you have no money to satisfy your natural needs. Money as commonly gives us new possibilities. But it’s not a secret that people’s requirements have no limits: the more you have, the more you want.
And the last, poverty should restrict themselves in everything. As a result it force them feel themselves miserable, angry and jealous of others’ wealth. It is said in the Bible that «The love of money is the root of all evil». Indeed, the majority of the crimes are committed because of money.
I suppose that money is very necessary thing in our world, but it is not the first. Everyone has to understand that life is worth living because of things that can’t be bought for money..
As far as I’m concerned, I get pocket money from my parents. There are different points of view on the allowance given to children by their parents, but I’m inclined to think that
pocket money is needed, because children are reasonable enough to make correct use of this money. Dealing with money is an extremely useful skill for our future life and it gives us a sense of independence. In addition to it, every teenager needs money in case he or she wants to grab a snack or gets lost in the city or lacks some stationery. Regrettably, some children do not understand the value of money and do not appreciate their parents’ labor.
In this case I’d recommend them to take a part-time job and become a babysitter, a waiter, a
cleaner and so on. Not only does this provide teenagers with earnings, but help to gain some priceless experience.
To make my long story short, I want to quote Malcom Forbes, the rich and extravagant person who seemed to have all a human wants: «Money isn’t everything according to those who have it». So enjoy every moment of your life and appreciate the things you already have.

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