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Topic Friendship (Топик Дружба)

Topic Friendship (Топик Дружба)

Topic «Friendship» (Топик на английском языке «Дружба»)

Friendship is a special relationship between people. People need this relationship because they expect help and comfort from each other. Those who have friends have less stress and maybe longer lives. Friendship is usually based on common interests and mutual un¬derstanding, true encouragement and sympathy.
A friend is the one who has a tight relationship of trust with another person.
Real friend can often make better an awful day and cheer you up because that is what friends exists for.
A real friend is every time next to you, you can for sure count on his support and attention.
You can have a lot of acquaintances, they come and go, but real friend is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on.
Good friend is someone who helps you to see the truth even if it hurts, who keeps your secrets and shares things with you.
People usually become friends when they have much in common, when they have much to tell each other, when they trust each other and rely on each other.
Friends know that they can turn to their best pals when they are in trouble, because their buddies will give them a hand when they can’t cope with a problem themselves.
If you feel depressed your friend will hang out with you to amuse you, to cheer you up and have a laugh with you.
A good friend will not take offence at you if you disagree with him.
If you are well-liked by your buddies it will help you to build up self-esteem.
I have a wide circle of friends who are on the same wavelength. I get on well with them because I respect their differences. It is good fun to be with them but my special friend is Sasha. I met him/her through our mutual friends when we all mixed once after school.
We’ve become inseparable since our first meeting. I really like him/her and we get on great.
He/she accepts me as I am and doesn’t try to change me.
* Sasha is tall (well-built, pretty, handsome, plump, good-looking, slim) in his/her teens. Sasha has got an oval face with shoulder-length hair, greenish-blue eyes and full lips.
People which has full lips are commonly responsible. So is Sasha. You can realy trust him. People with full lips are usually decisive and Sasha makes decisions quickly. He/she is determined once he/she decides to do something, nothing can stop him/her. On the other hand Sasha tends to be sometimes bossy and likes telling other people what to do.
Sasha is an active and energetic person who enjoys running, dancing, swimming, playing sports games.
H e/she has an outgoing personality and loves meeting new people. He/she is also ambitious and works so hard at school to be successful in the future. He/she is smart and understands hard questions quickly and easily. On the other hand he/she can be sensitive at times and gets upset when something goes wrong.
All in all, Sasha is very special to me as my best buddy is every time there when I need him/her.

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