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Topic Career (Топик Карьера)

Topic Career (Топик Карьера)

Topic «Career» (Топик на английском языке «Карьера»)

«What to be» is the most important question young people ask themselves. Your destiny and family relationship depend on it. Many aspects of life should be taken into consideration while answering the question «what to be». Different circumstances can influence our choice, we may follow someone’s experience or advice or be encouraged by certain people and events.

At early years of mankind development there were just a few jobs such as farmers, bakers, butchers or carpenters. In 17-th century I Russia it was about 200 professions. Now days exists 40000 varieties of jobs, but new kinds of work appears all the time. There is no doubt  that it’s difficult to chose correct. We have so many professions to choose of. Challenging, rewarding, exciting, prestigious, professions seem to be attractive. If a job is monotonous, exhausting, messy you will say it doesn’t appeal to you. We divide jobs into caring, creative, outdoor, office professions and forces.

We refer nursing, teaching to caring professions. Creative professions include the job of a journalist, designer. To work in the office means to be a bank worker, a secretary, a recep­tionist. If you work in agriculture, horticulture, conservation you are a representative of the outdoor profession. Those who work in the police, army or navy choose forces. Besides these professions you may make a career in law, finance, international business relations, tourism business, banking and others.

Making the right choice can be rather frustrating. You should know your strengths and weaknesses. You must keep in mind what different jobs can require. Some jobs need accura­cy, good imagination, physical strength. Others will require experience, special training, travelling a lot, working long hours from home, working late or even working night shifts.

I wish we had a special subject in career teaching at school. If only there were visits to places of employment and higher education. At the lessons of career teaching we could investigate our good and bad points, our interests and aptitudes, we could relate our knowl­edge and values to our ambitions and requirements of different occupations. Such lessons would clarify relationship between education and employment.

It is important to realize that if you are practical and organized, like routine that doesn’t vary, have a tidy mind then you are suited for an office profession. Creative nature, imagi­native mind, sociability and ability to communicate will enable you to be a designer, a tourist agent, an interpreter or a market researcher. Artistic and loving nature, imagination, sensitivity make the occupation of a painter, actor, dancer, florist, architect, beautician suit­able for you. Working as a teacher Teacher’s demands love for children, perfect experience in subject, and the power of explanation. In matters of future career the priority should be given to educa­tion. If you are conscientious, efficient, capable of doing accurate work, responsible — your prospects of getting a good job increase.

Since I was a child I wished to be a programmer. I was interested in working with numbers, bites, structures and finding answers for complex problems. I love Mathematics and I am very good at it. As for my personality, I may say that I am constructive and persistent, I have strong logic, easily solve problems and I prefer teamwork rather than independence. To find a job I like I need to have excellent science knowledge’s so I could pass examinations to institute.

And there is another thing to keep in mind, it’s creation of correct impression on people, especially, when you apply for a good position. Your possible in the future employer will search for your Curriculum Vitae. It’s info about your previous experiences, education and personal qualities. Then he will decide whether to invite you or not for an interview. The way you look, your confidence, correct speech and behavior and knowledge of subject will make good impression on the interviewer.

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