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Topic Music (Топик Музыка)

Topic Music (Топик Музыка)

Topic «Music» (Топик на английском языке «Музыка»)

What is music? Do you think it’s just a combination of pleasant sounds and nothing more? Of course not! Music is a huge world of the variety of feelings. It is a mirror, which reflects our soul. Nothing can be as impressive as music. It cries with us when we are sad, it laughs when we are happy. It can totally change our mood. We need music as we need food. Without it our life won’t be so bright and beautiful.
The perception of music and a great love of it distinguish humans from animals. Music unites people. Many of them communicate with the help of it. Music helps to get acquainted with new interesting people and to make friends, it can become a reason for quarrel. Music influences people’s mind and even can make them perform some strange actions.
We can hear sounds of music play every time and everywhere. We hear music in transport, at home, on the radio. Why is it so popular? Firstly it is a necessary part of our life. It was created at the ancient times. People tried to attract the spirit by playing music and dancing. People thought that spirits would help them in hunting. The first instruments appeared at that time. Secondly, scientists have revealed that music influences people’s feelings. That’s why music is widely used in public places. For example slow, calm music in supermarkets makes people buy more goods. In restaurants good, quiet music stimulates appetite; on TV it makes shows brighter and more exciting.
Music plays an important role in films. It emphasizes the depth of feelings of actors. It makes tense moments more exciting, pleasant moments more tender. Films would be boring and not interesting without music.
Of course music is a really necessary part of my own life. I cannot exist without listening to the music. I listen to music all the time and everywhere if it is only possible. I usually use it as background when I’m playing pc games, painting, browsing internet, taking a shower, cooking and socializing with my friends. Music encourages me when I’m playing, inspires me when I’m creating something and makes funny when I’m with my friends. But for me it’s only possible to listen well known music as background, because when unknown music is playing I don’t hear it as I’m totally absorbed in my business. If I turn my attention to the music I will not concentrate on my work. That’s why calm, melodic and familiar music will be the best variant.
But there are some songs while listening to them I cannot do anything. I can only enjoy their sounds, they transport me into my own world where I can really relax and forget about everything.
Music is divided into genres and styles. Nowadays a lot of different genres exist. Some of them have appeared rather recently. Such a variety of genres helps everyone to find the most suitable for him. And why do different people like different music? — Because of their different spiritual world and emotional tendencies.
I have more than fifty favorite genres. But the most favorite are only three. They are emo-trans, alternative metal and indie-rock.
Indie-rock is a really wide and quite independent kind of music genre. It’s like a mixture of many other genres. Every song can be totally different from another one. This genre can express all people’s
feelings from love to hatred, from glory to disgrace, from courage to shame. It is really popular in Great Britain. The basic instruments in this kind of music are the bass-guitar, the solo-guitar and the drums. Very often it has the subsidiary instruments such as the piano, violin, saxophone and so on. The subsidiary instrument makes this music more expressive. Alternative metal is rather heavy music. Not everyone can listen to it. But I like this genre very much. It refreshes me and makes feel cheerful.
Emo-trans is a so extraordinary music genre. It consists of two different music styles. It is something between live music, electronic music and screaming voices. I know only one group in this genre for this moment. It is called Enter Shikari. I can find in their music everything what I need. That is why I like them so much. Their songs consist of many different parts. It is very important for me. I don’t like monotonous melodies. Every part of the song expresses different feelings and emotions. So, 1 can experience all feelings while listening to only one song by Enter Shikari instead of listening to the entire album of the other group to feel the same. The other reason is the beautiful voice of the vocalist. His voice is rather strange but at the same time it is very exciting. As for me, the voice plays a very important role. If T don’t like the voice of the vocalist T don’t like the group at all.
If only I had a beautiful voice and could play any musical instrument I would create my own group. Unfortunately it is impossible because I’m too busy. But I want to connect my future life with music very much. It will be great to become a clip director.
There is the opinion that we are the lost generation because we don’t listen to classical music. I don’t agree with this expression. Music develops and every generation creates such genres which are natural to them. They try to find another kind of music which will survive in centuries. May be today’s music is not of the same quality as classical but in some years undoubtedly people will find another one which will go down in history as eternal music.
So, why speak about music, let’s listen to it…

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