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Topic Sport (Топик Спорт)

Topic Sport (Топик Спорт)

Topic «Sport» (Топик на английском языке «Спорт»)

Don’t believe if someone tells you that he is not interested in sport. We all have some connections with it. Some of us like to practice and to keep fit, others enjoy watching others do sport. We shouldn’t forget that the main purpose of sport is enjoyment.
For people who like doing sport it gives a sense of achievement as skills and performance improve. But the main goal of sport is not only the improvement of a body, it also helps people to become more organized and better disciplined. There is a Latin saying «a sound mind in a sound body». So to be a confident and successful person one should not only develop his mind but also his physical stamina.
According to the Olympic idea it is taking part not winning that is important. And nowadays more and more people get involved in sports. The idea of being healthy is fashionable these days. 1 suppose it is wonderful because usually health is something we tend to ignore when we have it. But when there are so many environmental problems that have a bad influence on our health, we have to be particularly careful about our health. Concerning this aspect sport is a very useful thing. Of course, taking exercise can be time-consuming, but the feeling of being fit and healthy makes up for a few minutes a day that it takes to do exercises, and the greatest thing about sport is that you can always find the one created for you. There are different kinds of sport: individual, pair and team sports, there are simple sports and sophisticated ones. There are calm, peaceful sports and sports full of emotions and excitement. I think that is why by the sport one prefers, it is possible to understand what kind of personality he possesses, because sport is just another way to express oneself.
As for me, I like swimming. It gives me a wonderful chance to relax and to keep my body in a good shape. Sometimes when everything around me seems to be hostile and when I’ve had enough of everyday routine I understand that it is time to go for a swim. Water washes away all the problems and gives me a possibility just to enjoy every second of existence. That is the most important virtue of sport. It brings peace to one’s mind at least for a while. It gives us an opportunity to forget about everything that is around us and deep in our inner world. So it is fair to say that besides fitness sport gives us a possibility to become better, I think it concerns those who do sport and those who just like to watch it.
Watching sports on TV is very relaxing. That is why millions of people are glued to the screen during some championships, of course, men are more interested in sports. They just can’t skip a football or hockey match. Women get their revenge watching figure-skating. So even watching TV people can choose the sport they like and even watching TV they feel as if they are involved into victory or failure of their favorite team. Sport develops this awesome feeling of unity. Sport unites people of different ages, interests and nations. Nowadays the Olympic committee tries to stop wars for the time when Olympic take place. But it doesn’t happen as always as it was thousands of years ago in ancient Greece. It seems that with every year people forget about the main goals of sports. More and more often we hear about fights between fans, at football matches and about sportsmen who use anabolic. And what about all the vicious sports that have appeared recently? They are wrestling, kickboxing and fights without rules. Instead of promoting health and fair competition they promote violence. Not only are these sports harmful, but they also teach people to pay any price for victory, I strongly believe that they should be prohibited for our own good. We should remember that sport is a combination of physical exercises and moral values, that is why sport is very important in our lives. We all should start caring about ourselves and join the world of sports.

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