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Topic Weather and seasons (Топик Погода и сезоны)

Topic Weather and seasons (Топик Погода и сезоны)

Topic «Weather and seasons» (Топик на английском языке «Погода и сезоны»)

Weather is a phenomenon which is much spoken about. But what does it mean? It mean the state of the atmosphere in a certain place and in a particular time. So weather differs greatly throughout the world.
It’s not a secret that it can easyly affect our health. The climate has the direct and indirect influence on people and their well-being. The direct effect is very diverse and is caused by the immediate effect of climatic factors on the human organism and first of all on the conditions of heat exchange with the environment: the blood supply of the skin, respiratory, cardiovascular system and perspiration systems. A lot of studies make connection betwen temperature, humidity, air pressure or wind and arthritis, asthma, migraines and other disorders. Human health can become a casualty of cold weather. Influenza, cold, pneumonia mainly occurs in autumn and winter. Doctors realize that an ordinary cold can bring severe headaches and asthma.
It’s proved that weather effects on our health. Heat force our blood vessels to narrow and our blood pressure to rise that we will feel heat through our skin. But if we can’t cool yourself sufficiently in this way, our body overheats. The heat may cause stress or even stroke and heart attack. The excessive amount of sun rays can lead to skin cancer.
Healthy people almost do not feel the negative influence of the weather. They adapt physiological processes in the organism to changing environmental conditions and their protecting reactions become stronger. The sick person has weak adaptive reactions, so the organism loses the ability to adapt quickly. Some people are so sensitive to changes in the weather that may serve as biological barometer.
However, the weather can change our mood, making it good or sad. There is a definite connection between hot and damp weather and aggression, humidity and sleepiness. High level of humidity lowers human concentration. Windy weather creates positive ions, which in their turn, can cause physical and mental disorders. A person can feel depressed, anxious, nervous, irritated and just emotionally imbalanced. The number of hours of sunshine is believed to raise the level of optimism. A proverb says «to be under the weather».
But what is worse, the weather can be very unpredictable. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, floods, whirlwinds, volcano eruptions happen unexpectedly and bring the destruction, loss of lives, sufferings. Despite the great progress in science and technology people haven’t learned to control the weather. In addition they haven’t learned to predict these cataclysms, many of which might be caused by global warming.
Global warming is the result of the emission of greenhouse gases, also known as the «greenhouse effect». Scientists believe that the consequences of global warming would be catastrophic for human population and ecosystem since we are totally dependent on them. The rise of temperature would produce new patterns of rainfall and drought that would affect the survival of mankind.
The weather is the most unpredictable thing . When you need snow it is rain and oposite.
When you want to enjoy sunny weather and blue sky it is clouds everywere. But happens so that the weather behave itself better. The weather easily bring adventures in our plans, changing routine with interesting happenings.
Our country has continental climate in Europian part which is a common for holl Central Europe. The annual temperature is 8 C? .
Spring starts in March and remains quite unpredictable during the first two months.
Deep frosty snow lies everywhere. As March moves into April and May you can expect plenty of sunshine with increasing temperatures. Spring’s vivid green colors, birds’ melodies and songs announce us that the beautiful, wonderful and inevitable renewal of nature had begun.
Although we can’t enjoy hot temperatures in spring it’s in the summer months when things can really start to heat up. Summer is the time of thunder and lightning. The sky is heavily cast with clouds, the downpours follow one another, the rumbling of thunder and flashes of lightning are frightening. After the rain, light vapor rises over the land, pure warm puddles are sparkling, the fragrance of the ripe berries become more intense, blooming lime trees smell of honey and the merry chime of grasshoppers becomes stronger. August spreads over the forest’s quiet melancholy. First yellow leaves begin to fall, rustling slightly. In the mornings, warm fogs cover the ground and large dew drops ripen on the foliage and grasses. Golden autumn is at the threshold.
At the beginning of autumn, when leaves of maples become purple, the forests are filled with the poetic spirit of melancholy. Pine forests and oak groves are penetrated with blue light. Autumn wanders among the trees, flashing gold and crimson. Then the time for bird’s songs, summer thunder and luxuriant forest verdure comes to an end. The time of wise maturity and deep inner silence begins. The sun’s rays no longer shine over the tree trunks and the grasses. The humid wind, carrying grey rains, will soon blow out the delicate gold and crimson. Chilly brisk northerly wind and rain torrents will leave pools and puddles everywhere. The weather is nasty. Bird flocks head south.
The time of winter and deep thoughts is waiting, when the forest stands still, stooping to meet the silvery, frosty nights. The frost thickens in the evening. Shadows become darker, colored with blue and pink tones. On the soft, newly-fallen snow, we can see the fox’s tracks. February will soon make a snowstorm, and then play music on the reeds of a snowdrift. In spite of this angry last month of the winter, paths will soon shine under the sun’s rays, blue landscapes will become warmer, and nature will be freed from its winter sleep. In the drum symphonies of woodpeckers we can hear the happy faint notes of spring awakening.
My favorite season is ….
Or… is definitely my favorite time of the year.

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